QUALITY CONSERVATION SERVICES (QCS) is an award-winning licensed heating and air conditioning, insulation and weatherization contractor with over 20 years’ experience providing FREE weatherization, insulation and other energy improvements, funded by local gas and electric utilities. You keep all of your utility bill savings.

BAY AREA LOCATIONS: Quality Conservation provides Pacific Gas and Electric Company moderate - and low-income residential customers with FREE weatherization services in San Francisco County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Napa County, Sonoma County and Solano County through the Pacific Gas and Electric Company Energy Savings Assistance Program. We also provide Smart thermostats, LED lights, and other energy upgrades for all Renters, all middle-income families and non-English speaking households in those counties through *Pacific Gas and Electric Company Custom Home Energy Solutions Program all at NO COST.


The Custom Home Energy Solutions program has been suspended at the request of Pacific Gas and Electric Company as of December 20, 2019.

GREATER LOS ANGELES: Quality Conservation provides moderate- and low-income residential customers of Southern California Gas (SoCalGas), Southwest Gas Company (SWG), and Southern California Edison (SCE) with FREE weatherization services and energy upgrades in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County through the Energy Savings Assistance Programs sponsored by those utilities.

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For over 10 years we have been helping California families by providing home improvements and energy upgrades at NO COST through the Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESAP) and Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Programs (LIHEAP).

PRIMARY FREE IMPROVEMENTS: Weatherization, SuperSaver LED Lights, ceiling insulation and venting, home energy audits, replacement or repair of water heaters and furnaces, air conditioning tune-ups, “Smart” Nest thermostats, refrigerator replacement, water-saving showerheads and aerators, “Smart” power strips, 12-month warranty, all installation, enrollment in CARE (California Alternate Rates for Energy) utility bill discount programs, and more. Selection of eligible improvements to be installed depends upon specific program and terms of the local sponsoring utility.

OTHER FREE SERVICES: In addition to our FREE weatherization services, Quality Conservation is state-licensed and certified contractor able to provide weatherization, insulation, air conditioning, heating, and plumbing services, all at no cost to participating single- and multi-family residences and mobile homes, either owned and rented. In addition to the programs above, we offer services in cooperation with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company Residential Energy Fitness Program, coordinated by Richard Heath Associates (RHA) and through the Weatherization Assistance Programs (WAP) and Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Programs (LIHEAP), such as those sponsored by the Community Action Partnership of Orange County (CAPOC).


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Quality Conservation serves:

The Bay Area (San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Sonoma, Napa and Solano Counties)

The Greater Los Angeles Area (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties)