Commercial Lighting Services

Commercial Lighting Services

Quality Conservation Services has over 10 years experience providing commercial lighting service programs & interior/exterior lighting upgrades. QCS Lighting Services help increase efficiency and decrease energy costs for commercial business owners. A well lit parking lot or facility provides a safer, more inviting location for your customers or tenants.

From start to finish QCS has you covered.

From the audit stage to the project management of the installation. From the disposal of all materials, to the warranty on work & materials. Everything is expertly handled by QCS. We even handle the rebate paperwork, to ensure you are getting the maximum rebate available.

Contact us to see what options are available to you 1-866-794-5129 x 302

Energy Conservation Measures and Services:

  • Lighting Systems & Control
  • Commodity Price Analysis
  • Energy Reduction Needs Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Walk Through & Construction Grade Audits
  • Rebate & Program Participation Processing
  • Attractive Funding Options
  • LED upgrades
  • Upgrade/replace incandescent, CFL, halogen, metal halide, high pressure sodium lamps.
  • Linear lighting upgrades (T-8 and T-12 bulb replacement)
  • Ballast and bulb change outs
  • Linear retro-fit kits
  • Complete fixture replacements

Lighting Service Programs:

  • On- Demand interior lighting and/or exterior lighting replacement and repair service.

Interior and/or Exterior Lighting Retrofits:

  • LED Lighting Upgrades
  • Fluorescent Lighting Upgrades
  • HID Lighting Upgrades