Electric Motor Services

Electric Motor Services

Electronically Commutated (EC) Motors are a dramatic improvement over the older Shaded Pole and PSC Motors commonly used in systems.

The motors are direct current (DC) motors with an electronic commutation control that makes them turn. They typically save about 70% of the energy used by the Shaded Pole motors they replace.

Because of their improved efficiency, some states have mandated their use in new equipment. If EC Motor Controls are installed in addition to EC Motors, the energy savings is even greater!


  • We exchange inefficient shaded pole motors in walk-in coolers and freezer systems with advanced two-speed electronically commutated (EC) motors. EC motors run 80% more efficiently than shaded pole motors.
  • We complement our walk-in EC motors with fan speed controllers. The controls communicate with the motors to cycle from the high RPM cycle to the low RPM cycle, optimizing the energy efficiency in your refrigeration system.
  • Installation of Anti-Sweat heater controllers on glass door display cases. These controls save energy by regulating Anti-Sweat Heat Strips, turning them on only when necessary.
  • Installation of NSF-approved night curtains, which serve as cool air insulators and reduce the electricity usage by open case refrigerators and freezers.
  • We replace obsolete light bulbs in display coolers and freezers with new energy efficient LEDs.

The technologies installed by QCS have an average payback period of less than 24 months!

Your utility company may provide rebates which reduce the cost of the project, and shorten your payback period. QCS researches applicable rebates, assists in processing the paperwork and under certain circumstances, collects the rebate on behalf of the customer—at no additional charge.

Refrigeration Motors by FridgeWize

Commercial refrigeration accounts for 20% of all energy used in this world. The FridgeWize Walk-In and Reach-In Display Case EC motors, when installed to upgrade your refrigeration systems, result in drastic energy savings. This translates to monetary savings on your monthly utility bill.

FridgeWize offers dual-speed EC motors for commercial refrigeration applications as well as three-phased EC motors for industrial-sized applications.



FridgeWize EC motors have two possible speeds and when accompanied by FridgeWize EC motorcontrollers can achieve savings upwards of 85%.


FridgeWize EC motors acheive additional savings in the compressor because they give off a lot less heat than old Shaded Pole and PSC motors.


FridgeWize EC motors come with an industry-standard one-year limited warranty.


FridgeWize EC motors are widely accepted where energy efficiency rebates are available.


QCS partnered with FridgeWize offers a proven solution to reduce your carbon footprint and monthly utility bill!

HVAC Motors

Electronically Commutated Motor- (ECMs) are often selected because many models run at variable speeds, in certain condenser applications it is preferable to select an ECM that runs at a fixed speed. An ECM running at a fixed speed in a condenser unit still uses less energy than a typical PSC motor running at a fixed speed in a similar unit.

While decreasing energy consumption the ECMs are also noticeably quieter than there older PSC counterparts. Whereas typical PSC motors start and almost immediately run at full capacity, an ECM can start slowly and stop slowly, which can help reduce humidity. Additionally, the control can be set to alter the amount of air an ECM motor drives through the system, which enables a greater range of possible air-flow rates.

The new Eon 42 motor is the latest in the Eon line of energy efficient motors.

The Eon 42 is a more energy efficient solution for the standard PSC motor found in many fan coils and blower deck applications today saving up to 56% of the electricity consumed by the motor. This motor offers simple installation along with a wide range of horsepowers, voltages, and mechanical features, truly making the Eon 42 the simplest and most cost effective upgrade solution. Typical applications for the Eon 42 Fan Coil Blower Motors include hotel guest suites & dormitory student housing facilities.

  • Efficiencies exceeding 78%
  • Low Voltage AC or DC thermostat inputs allow for use of existing system controls
  • PWM Control allows for fully Variable Speed retrofits
  • Reliable. Backed by over 20 years of experience in ECM technology